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Are dedicated servers hosting the best in?

Choosing the right hosting service for our website can sometimes be a rather complicated and not really done because the decision is so hard to take, but by the large number of different options before us with very good deals; from those sites that offer free hosting with great features, to dedicated servers even they have personalized supervision.

It is precisely dedicated servers we want to talk, because these are the least mentioned of all the different types of web hosting and we can not hide that very probably due to their prices, which actually are not too high, but when compared with shared servers, without doubt anyone would notice a big difference; then back to the original question, but let’s rephrase to learn from and response.

For whom is best dedicated hosting

As you can see, we begin to enter a different theme and is not about what is the best type of hosting, but to analyze that depending on what the purpose of your website, you have to look just a type of web hosting that serve your purposes the best way; for example, those sites that give you hosting and free domain can be a very good option for those who are starting in the business of the web, it does not need a lot of capacity to receive visitors in droves and also manage inventory as an online store.

Then we have shared servers that offer a free domain but you’re paying for the hosting therefore have the capacity to receive large amounts of visitors and if your site contains only text and images, is probably sufficient and do not need to hire dedicated servers, because there is not anything too delicate to protect.

Then come the virtual dedicated servers, those other than offer a free domain, ensure that much of the computer hardware will be used only on your website and therefore provides more stability, which is necessary for those who have more than 2000 visits a day ; but not yet answer the question of who are the ones who need dedicated servers?

Money needs more security

In short we can say that those people who need special web hosting dedicated servers are undoubtedly those who handle money with their websites; This can include anything from online stores, to banks that do not want to hire someone special to start a database from scratch, but prefer to make quick design and start up its web.

This type of specialized servers have security, apart from this, you have neighbors who share with you absolutely nothing and therefore any danger of leakage of information, because hard drives have only what you want; investment may be a little older, but undoubtedly these sites have the need to do it and when your customers your main concern, do not hesitate capital.


cheap host free

Is it good or bad hire cheap hosting?

This is a question that always puts doubt many, because the vast majority of people on this planet have been taught that cheap in the long run can be expensive and if it does not hurt does not work, that is, if it costs no It is appreciated and all you can think equivalents; although often in life that may be true, probably when seeking the best hosting to manage a website, we have to change a little our ideas.

Why buy shoes if you always travel by car?

Surely if you use a car rather you understand this analogy, it is rather odd that need to buy new shoes because you never wear because it did not use to walk long distances and probably not in areas that generate it; then we could say that if your shoes only use to make them look good and do not need to exercise them and respond in extreme situations, need not spend too much on high quality shoes and specially designed for climbing or suchlike .

It is basically the same as what happens with cheap hosting and even also with the Internet domains simply depends on what you give to your website; remember that services generally cheaper web hosting offer us only the necessary technical specifications and to maintain well-functioning site that does not have too much influx of visitors and whose content is not too heavy.

Different plans in one place

The mistake that many make is let go because they see the name of a company in the list of best hosting for a specific country, which is not necessarily false, but a very different thing is the fact that you offer domains free internet and accommodation , to say the best hosting is both cheap hosting; this means that a company may be the best qualified in terms of accommodation, but probably not the cheapest package of all that has helped them achieve such a rating.

In fact, the business internet domains a company can have in a forum reputation for having bad service and another opposite, which would take us to the starting point and it depends on what use the property; no doubt there is no better hosting than basic for those who are starting their online business plans, but when you already have more than 3,000 visits in one day, hardly a cheap hosting plan will be rough with your site actually needs in terms of capacity and stability with such heavy traffic.

If your company constantly keeps in touch through chat service with clients or more importantly, it is an online store and payments are handled through it, you definitely need a hosting plan that will provide more security than the core of any business.



Who served a free hosting?

Many people tend to think that free accommodation is of poor quality, that at no time can serve for a company that wants to have a really serious web on the Internet and it will mean always give free advertising to the site that gives us the opportunity to handle it, but it turns out that actually it has changed a lot over time and today we can find free hosting very good quality and without looking too; we’ll show some cases for you to consider if you need them, at the same time we explain who serves more this type of hosting.

New in the business and the online resume

When you’re starting a website and you know you have to devote time to generate quality content, either video, audio or only text, you know that in itself it is an investment that will not let you make money because you spend time pay hosting these activities and besides all makes investment gets bigger; if you’re starting with your website then the best for you is the free hosting, because you will not pay anything for the opportunity to upload content to the Internet.

Sure you’re wondering what about internet domains? And the answer is simple: they are also free. Companies like Black Apple Host Byethost and offer the minimum conditions necessary to build your website, 5GB of storage space and monthly transfer 20 sub domains and Internet use; all this will help as your site grows and if you want to just hang a portfolio your work on the internet to know your customers, you keep that place virtually forever, because you will not need as much traffic.



Mozilla lanza Focus, bloqueador de anúncios para iOS

Mozilla lanzó un nuevo programa que se aprovecha del bloqueador a este contenido de la API de iOS 9. Este es el enfoque ad-bloqueador, que ahora está disponible en la App Store a través de este enlace. A diferencia de otros bloqueadores de anuncios como Crystal y Paz, el Focus está diseñado para dar a los usuarios un mayor control sobre el nivel de profundidad de la cuadra de una página determinada.


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